Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns : There is so much consternation in Broncos Country right now that it might be a good time to try and accentuate the positive. I know after the loss to the San Francisco 49ers, I could use a little happiness in my fandom. My guess is that you probably could, too.

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NFL Football Week 15
Team : Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns
Date : Saturday, December 15
Start Time : 8:20 Pm Et

Denver Broncos vs Cleveland Browns

Where can I go to find all this positivity? Interestingly enough, the NFL has provided the fans with some uplifting fun. The Denver Broncos will be playing the Cleveland Browns on Saturday night in primetime. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, they have essentially billed this matchup as a futures game.

With Baker Mayfield headlining the Browns rookies, many Broncos fans may watch the game with a, “what might have been,” attitude. The quarterback was high on several peoples lists of draft desires. When the Browns took Mayfield, and then passed on Bradley Chubb with the fourth pick, it set up a battle between the two that could see Chubb chasing Mayfield all over the backfield. Should be fun.

There is another Chubb that could find himself battling Bradley Chubb. His second cousin Nick Chubb, the Browns rookie running back is having a good season. There could be some Chubb-on-Chubb crime during the game. You have to wonder what kind of things Mike Tirico will have to say when two Chubbs collide.

Nick Chubb won’t be the only rookie running back who will be featured in the game. Phillip Lindsay’s meteoric rise will be hard to ignore for the national media. He will also be looking to bounce back after his rough outing against the 49ers. The Browns defense isn’t exactly known for stuffing the run, so Lindsay, and fellow rookie Royce Freeman could feature prominently for the Broncos offense.

And what about that Browns fourth-round pick? Denzel Ward may have been wearing a different orange if things had fallen differently. It doesn’t look like Ward will play on Saturday night, and that’s unfortunate since he would have matched up with on either Courtland Sutton or DaeSean Hamilton.

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